A “bearcat” is summoned to foil the free staters.


Ethan Hosts the Ed and Ethan Show

Ethan Hosts the Ed and Ethan Show

It seems that the police in New Hampshire are up to some rather super cereal business.  While manbearpig has yet to be found by Al Gore during any of his visits to the live free or die state, the Concord police department does wish to summon a bearcat to protect him and other dignitaries like him.  If you’re a south park fan, this article is really funny right now.  For the rest of you, I can only insist that the bearcat (half bear, half cat and half stormtrooper) is super cereal business.  I’m being so cereal right now!

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In an age where federal governments are shelling out big bucks left right and centre for police departments to either use or lose, (buy a bunch of M16s or don’t get any money hunny!) anarchists may actually seem a little status quo when they start talking about militarized police showboating for the public.  In other words, hearing people refer to the United States as a fascist state may seem to make complete cognitive sense nowadays when you just happen to notice police in black uniforms rolling up to a local home of ill repute with a tank.  It doesn’t seem out of the ordinary anymore to consider the local beat cop as someone who is backed up by a small army even if they’re just writing you a parking ticket or talking to you about the weather…while writing you a ticket.


While police department largess in respect to spending is becoming status quo, there’s something else that’s rearing its head that may still be somewhat unfashionable and it may also have your average citizen wondering just how it can be justified.  Specifically, I’m referring to the classification of domestic terrorists.

After the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre, discussion of what defined a terrorist became much more in vogue. People everywhere started to consider that they may seriously have a stake in understanding what motivated and created a terrorist to begin with.  Of course, the ever so helpful mainstream media forged ahead in helping people to understand that anyone with brown skin and a need for some modicum of phlegmy wordsmithing to pronounce their name must indeed be receptive to becoming a radicalized islamic terrorist. Of course, as we all know, the discussion has been entirely intellectually honest, everyone has learned a great deal about other cultures and non-Muslim people in North America frequently gather together with Muslim folks to sing, reminisce of times past and be merry.  Yeah…


So with that cultural and social dichotomy firmly established, the state has moved on to dividing and conquering “traditional” westerners to keep the violent war machine at home chugging away.  Not satisfied with promoting the hatred of brown folks that talk funny, it would seem that we’re moving rather firmly in the direction of denouncing people who have an opinion of the state that is rather negative.  Like many schoolyard bullies, the state, in response to that negative opinion, has been doing what many have feared for some time now and begun denouncing political dissidents as domestic terrorists.  Sort of a constant whine about how the cool kids don’t like the state and rather than going to seek therapy for the rage felt, the state feels inclined to start wandering around the schoolyard to punch the bad meany talkers in the face and take their lunch money to make some sort of a point.

Protect the Clydesdales!

Protect the Clydesdales!

In a request for a “bearcat” (pictured right) the police mention domestic terrorism and even go so far as to provide some examples for the edification of those who may be left wondering just what sort of terrible terrorizing terrorist creatures may be lurking in a state which is home to the famous Budweiser Clydesdales.  Not a sports team.  Seriously.  If you like, check out the language used in paragraph B on the second page of the PDF in the link below to the Concord Police Dept’s equipment purchase request.


The Concord police department, in their mission to get the nearly $260,000 attention getting bearcat, list Free State project participants as domestic terrorists.  From what I understand, these folks are very far away from what even FOX News’ heartland favourites would consider a terrorist shortly after Sept’ 11th, 2001.

Now, I don’t really find a lot of jive with sovereign citizens or occupiers but they don’t seem to fit the bill of “terrorist” either. Even if I were a statist, I have to wonder, would I really think of people who want to be left alone by the government as people who are out to terrorize me?  Ah! But why do the thinking when it can be done for you?  

I’ll leave you with this clip and also some encouragement to remember what the mainstream media did for middle eastern folks shortly after 9/11.

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